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unrequested services: david weber-krebs


What is a service created by an artist?

How would an artist create services for a museum, a neighbourhood, a city?

Could a service be a performance, an installation or an action? The indoor and outdoor spaces of a private art space together with its surroundings (streets, supermarkets, parks etc) become a playground for the artists to create in one-day services nobody would have ever commissioned if not themselves. The audience is called to witness or join in real-time their creation process.

On this first occurrence, Simone Basani has invited David Weber-Krebs to think and perform his unrequested service in the city.

From September until the end of November, David’s unrequested service takes place three days a week at different times, one hour per day in the park of Square Steurs (Saint-Josse-ten-Noode), close to the golden sculpture. A park that normally David visits as a private citizen.

After November the service will inhabit other locations in the city.

    © Deborah Ephrem
    © Deborah Ephrem
    © Deborah Ephrem

A practice, still without a name, that aims at opening up to his physical surroundings in the park, to and for the animals, human beings, plants, entities and unexpected events. David tries to connect without imposing his own presence.

The trigger of David’s practice is the phenomenon that one encounters when remaining still and silent in places, be they places in nature or public places in cities. In those cases, often happens that different creatures would approach human beings, for instance, without fear and without being called.

In the past months, the inhabitants of Square Steurs area have received a letter from the team of Unrequested Services informing them of the presence of the service in the park.

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square armand steurs park, saint-josse

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