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the consequence of infinite endings


A process wherein a movement slowly, irremediably, heads towards its end, or where an object becomes smaller and smaller until it navigates at the verge of perception and finally vanishes away. This phenomenon serves as a manifestation of the experience of the Sublime in contemporary art forms.

The Consequence of Infinite Endings is a lecture performance that questions the implications of this movement as a specific aesthetic strategy.
Building on selected scenes from film, visual art and performance, the lecture performance will navigate along the narrow margin between critical reflection and emotional engagement.

In touching on both the philosophical and technical aspects of the selected art materials, The Consequence of Infinite Endings enables its audience to encounter these notions of the Sublime and to question their relevance, at the same time, on a personal and on a cultural level.

The Consequence of Infinite Endings is one of the four lecture-performances that constitute the CATALOGUE OF SITUATIONS project.

concept & direction
david weber-krebs
david weber-krebs
dramaturgical advice
jan-philipp possmann
theater gasthuis, künstlearhaus mousonturm – plateaux festival
in collaboration with
unfriendly takeover


frascati, amsterdam


teatro joao paulo II, teresina, brazil


panorama festival, rio de janeiro, brazil


sophiensaele, berlin


gasthuis, amsterdam


plateaux, mousonturm, frankfurt/main

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