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performance (robert morris revisited)


What is it with the spectacular?
To find out, one has to go back to a historic period in modern art, that was seemingly defined by an unparalleled will to be anything but spectacular: the minimalism of the 1960s. Of course, doing little can be quite unspectacular, but doing very little is again the most spectacular thing.

So how is something unspectacular turning into something spectacular? Is it the thought, the speculation, or is it the sight, the spectacle? Performance  is a spectacle and a speculation telling the true story of how the American artist Robert Morris injured his head in 1961.

concept & direction
david weber-krebs
in collaboration with
jan-philipp possmann
technical realization
hans westendorp

This is the museum version of the performance presented in Kanal/Centre Pompidou on April 24 and 25, 2021.

Setting up of the column at Kanal/Centre Pompidou, Brussels.

performance @ de brakke grond in 2015

Performance (Robert Morris revisited at the first edition of On Enclosed Spaces and the Great Outdoors

Performance (Robert Morris Revisited) as a part of “ON ENCLOSED SPACES AND THE GREAT OUTDOORS”, a one-day discursive and performative program curated by David Weber-Krebs in 2015 at theatre De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam.

Gabriëlle Schleijpen, curator in chief of the Studium Generale Rietveld Academie, invited at that time Claire Bishop (art historian, writer New York), Claire Tancons (curator, researcher, writer New Orleans), Joanna Warsza (curator, Berlin) & David Weber-Krebs (theatre maker Brussels) to each inaugurate a discursive and performative program of one day. The conference festival was called “ARE YOU ALIVE OR NOT?”.

    in the leaflet of Plateaux Festival 2011

the text projected on the curtain before it opens

– And the auditorium?

– It was to the left hand side. Next to the bar. Also rather small. Black
walls. The chairs were covered with battered green velvet.

– Like an old cinema.

– Yes.

– The light was dim.

There were technicians running around. Busy preparing things.
People would sit in the rows or stand around close to the walls,
discussing the shows, laughing and smoking.

The stage was only a few feet above the ground, maybe knee-high.
Made of wood, painted black. It was maybe 25 feet wide..


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something raw, brakke grond, amsterdam

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