visual art

Recollection is a storytelling machine playing with the expectations and projections of the unique spectator.

Recollection tells stories. Stories about great voyages around the world. Stories about strange sorts of fruits found in the freshly colonized lands at the other side of the planet. Stories about anonymous sailors. Stories about birds, fish, four footed beasts, insects and reptiles.

This installation by David Weber-Krebs, with the voice of Erik Lambert, has been presented within All tomorrows parties, 08.09 – 06.11. 2011 in  TENT/ Rotterdam.

It was the story of Marco Polo, citizen of Venice, private counsellor and general imperial commissioner of Khoubilaï-Khaän. It was the narrative of an anonymous sailor, who was shipwrecked on the western coast of Africa in the year 1810.
He was detained three years in slavery by the Arabs of the great desert, and resided several months in the city of Timbuktu.


It was a story about the herbs, trees, four footed beasts, fish, birds, insects and reptiles of the islands of Madeira, Barbados, St. Christophers and Jamaica…

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