catalogue of situations


Catalogue of Situations, previously called Real Time Encyclopedia of World Art, is a multifaceted research project focused on aesthetics of reception. Jan-Philipp Possmann and David Weber-Krebs have been engaged in it, from 2008 to 2011, as artists and theoreticians.

Catalogue of Situations is an investigation of art history as a history of situations.
Aesthetics is thus considered here from the perspective of a social encounter. One where the subject separates a specific space and time span from the continuum of his own everyday experiences, and distances himself from his surroundings. Catalogue of Situations looks at these peculiar social encounters, and develops strategies to discuss the relationships network that exists between a beholder and his/her surroundings.

The project has been structured in several modules:
-a series of lecture performances and performances to be presented in theaters and art institutions (Inside the Black Cube, The Consequence of Infinite Endings, Real Time Encyclopedia of World Art, Erschauern/Begreifen and others);
-an online discussion board and archive for theoretical research;
-a seminar on aesthetics of reception for academic institutions and art schools;
-collaborative public programs of artistic and scientific presentations and talks created in collaboration with artists and scientists.

All the modules aim at developing a language to reflect on aesthetic situations in greater depth. They draw from the languages of academic discourse as well as performance, theater and visual arts.

Currently a body of four lecture performances/performances is available for presentation.

concept and direction by
david weber-krebs & jan-philipp possmann
supported by
ARTI research group at amsterdamse hogeschool voor de kunsten

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