Jiri Kovanda, Untitled (On an escalator ... turning around, I look into the eyes of the person standing behind me ...) (3 September 1977)

unrequested services: david weber-krebs


What is a service created by an artist?

How would an artist create services for a museum, a neighborhood, a city?

Could a service be a performance, an installation or an action?The indoor and outdoor spaces of a private art space together with its surroundings (streets, supermarkets, parks etc) become a playground for the artists to create in one-day services nobody would have ever commissioned if not themselves. The audience is called to witness or join real-time their creation process.

In this first occurence Simone Basani has invited David Weber-Krebs to think and perform his unrequested services in the city.

Location to be confirmed.
Meeting point Kazernestraat 2, 1000 Brussels.
12:00 to 19:00


kazernestraat 2 1000 Brussels

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