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the silencing


The Silencing investigates the relationship between collective practices of attention and a nature that is in a process of silencing. Or rather, it explores the narrations that we – as humans – create around nature and the sounds we decide to select from it. Through a performative and participatory strategy, The Silencing aims to engage the audience in a collective reflection: how can we collectively approach the sounds of a world that is silencing? How can we imagine a future beyond those sounds? For this project, I collaborate with dramaturg Simone Basani and sound artist Pali Meursault.

The Silencing – creation still in progress – will premiere at Kaaitheater, Brussels, in April 2022.

concept & direction
david weber-krebs
simone basani
sound composition
pali meursault
julien bruneau
infinite endings
kaaitheater & new theatre institute of latvia (for act: art, climate, transition), c-takt, kunstencentrum buda, wpzimmer, Q-O2 with the support of the flemish authorities
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kaaitheater, brussels

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